Friends of St Mary's

The Friends of St Mary's is a charitable organisation, set up with the aim to fund the preservation and restoration of St Mary's Church Bloxham.  Our beautiful parish church, one of the grandest in the country, is today listed Grade 1 in the current list of buildings of special architectural and historic interest. It owes its size and splendour to Royal Patronage though in later years the wool trade made its own contribution. In the churchyard are 48 listed headstones.

Today all Bloxham people, not only those who worship in the Church, have an awesome admiration for and love of the building made clear by the generous response to Church appeals through many years. In their turn the members of the Church, carrying on a tradition rooted in the past, embrace in their good works all who are in need. From these voluntary efforts a strong sense of fellowship is evident in the village and has been sustained throughout its modern development.

To find out more about the Friends of St Mary's or to join our 200 Club, please click here for email link.